President F.D. Roosevelt

The origins of the course are somewhat hazy, but it appears FDR Golf Club was built as a WPA project, and construction may have started as early as 1933; certainly it was finished no later than 1940 as it opened on July 13, 1940. 

The course was originally known as League Island Golf Club because of it's association with League Island Park and was shortly renamed after President Franklin Delano Roosevelt when the Fairmount Park Commission's it Franklin D. Roosevelt Park.

For what little we do know is that the routing of the course has been changed several times; in its early days, the course played some 200 yards longer than it does now.

Today, FDR plays to challenging 6,004 yards from the back tees, with a par of 69.   Over the last few years several upgrades have been made to FDR and the course has benefited dramatically.

FDR continues to be a favorite among locals and visitors alike as it possesses a golfer-friendly layout, laid-back atmosphere and relaxed attitude of the regulars and staff alike will allow any golfer to feel comfortable.